Testimonial Videos

Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are an excellent way to showcase loyal clients and build trust with prospective ones. Take Eight specialises in authentic, relatable, and sales-driven testimonials. Pick a few of your best customers, put them in front of the camera, and you have a powerful message that you can broadcast to the masses.

Dedicated Studio

Take Eight possesses a dedicated studio in which you and your clients can record your testimonial videos. Lightning and audio, as well as an array of backdrops, are all included. Whatever you need to make your production work, we’ve got you covered.

Bulk Content Creation

Shoot three or more testimonials at once, and we at Take Eight will offer you a group discount on your video production. Take Eight Productions offers custom rates to clients wanting to establish long-running testimonial videos, as well as content creation campaigns. 

Social Media Guidance

Our experienced team knows what it takes for a campaign to succeed on social media. With our help, you can use these testimonial videos to maximise your brand awareness, altering them as is needed for each social media platform. Whether it be YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram, Take Eight knows what’s best.