Music Videos

Music Videos

Here at Take Eight, we understand the highly artistic and creative process that is a music video. With our experience and contacts within the music industry, Take Eight Productions can not only help you throughout the process of planning and directing your video production, but we can also perfect it to a level of quality that looks as though it belongs at the ARIAs. We have the equipment, the know-how, and the passion for creating a video that will maximise your song’s exposure and be sure to rocket your single up the charts.

Experienced Director

Having an experienced director to plan and oversee your production is essential when it comes to quality. Here at Take Eight, our director, Paul Weir, has perfected upon his craft through experience, allowing him to know exactly what you need to turn your ideas into reality, as well as exactly how to get it to you. Additionally, Paul’s over thirty years of the experience in the music industry means he’s no stranger to the musician’s trade. 

Hollywood Grade Equipment

With quality and expertise that can toe to toe with Hollywood, Take Eight are nothing less than professionals. Our equipment is second-to-none, the absolute industry standard, and exactly what you need to get picture perfect results. With Take Eight, you can be sure your next production is the best it can be. 

Real Music Industry Experience

With well over one hundred years of music industry experienced shared between its staff, Take Eight have long since known the ups, downs, and round-about twists of the music industry. With their expertise, you can be sure that Take Eight will do its best to push your music video in the right direction for the market of today, and that you can work on your production with a company who understands your wants and needs.