Event Coverage

Event Coverage

With Take Eight at your side, you can immortalise live events through technology. With our experienced team at the helm, you will have access to multiple camera angles, aerial videos, crystal clear sound, and more. We offer a multitude of camera arrangements and can integrate our audio with your existing PA systems to synchronise with your existing audio-visual setup. Take Eight has filmed countless conferences, meetings, festivals, and large-scale public events, making us the best choice you could make.


Take Eight Productions is no stranger to the recording of conferences. With our experienced team, you can be sure that your next live conference is recorded in high-definition from multiple angles, and that such recordings come with a guarantee of crystal clear audio. Our equipment, capable of seamlessly integrating with already existent audio-visual setups, is state-of-the-art, guaranteeing you nothing less than the best.

Keynote Speakers

Capture the valuable intellectual property from your keynote speakers in glorious high-definition, and preserve every precious second with stunning audio quality. Here at Take Eight, we specialise in working with speakers to ensure that their performance is captured to its fullest potential. Don’t allow all of your hard work to be forgotten; let Take Eight make it last. 

Festivals and Events

No festival or event is truly complete without an official ‘after’ video, with the recording helping to convey both mood and atmosphere, as well as massively promote the event itself for years to come. Take Eight has countless years of experience in event filming, long since having mastered the art of capturing the essence of an event. Through our well-practised techniques, you can be sure your event will be immortalised as a production.

Live Streaming

Live video streaming is an emerging field in Australia, now more viable than ever thanks to the implementation of the National Broadband Network. Take Eight Productions can cover your next event in impressive detail and has the technical capabilities to live-stream it with our custom network solutions and infrastructure, ensuring that it can be viewed from anywhere in the world.