Social Media Video

Social Media Video

With every day that passes, social media marketing becomes even more essential. In an ever more electronic world, platforms like Facebook and YouTube give brands a chance to reach customers in ways that were once thought impossible, creating fantastic opportunities for customer base expansion. Take Eight Productions specialises in creating tailored, sales-driven content for your market that has proven to be integral in creating leads and generating customers. Don’t be left behind, let Take Eight bring your brand into the future.

Dedicated Studio

Here at Take Eight, we have our very own dedicated studio that can fulfil all of your recording needs. No need for hiring studios, travelling to unknown locations, or suffering from irritating time constraints. Instead, Take Eight makes the process easy, supplying white, black, or green screen backdrops. To find out more, check out our production studio today.

Bulk Content Creation

Take Eight understands that, in order to truly engage social media followers and create traffic, a consistent online presence is needed, paired with equally consistent content. To make this possible for you, Take Eight offers discounted rates and packages with the creation of bulk content, all of which are more cost-efficient than one-off productions. With our discounted bulk rates, you can be sure your content is both high-quality and affordable.

Social Media Knowledge

At Take Eight, our impressive knowledge of social media platforms allows you to pursue avenues that many brands don’t even know exist. Through our guidance, you can be sure that you are leveraging your product in all of the right ways to maximise your brand awareness across all platforms.

TV Commercials & Youtube Preroll

If you need a TV Commercial or Youtube Preroll Ad for your business, Take Eight is here to get the job done. With our talented team of dedicated staff, we can write, shoot, and edit your next production. With the Take Eight touch, the high-quality work you receive will ensure that your TV commercial could take on Hollywood!