Take Eight is a full service production studio based in Perth, Western Australia, who specialize in music and video production as well as design with music, voice overs, music videos, commercials and online content. We are an artist focused company that concentrates on building strong relationships with our clients and creative counterparts.

We love what we do.

At Take Eight, we have a vast range of state-of-the-art equipment and facilities to cater for all your music video needs. We collaborate with the artist and client throughout the entire process, striving to create a final product that will blow you away.
Take Eight specializes in producing and recording bands, soloists, ensembles, voice-overs, etc. We provide a professional, top class service and has all of the facilities and passion to help you get what you want out of your recordings, and more!
Our graphics design team has years of experience producing promotional material for bands and artists, posters, flyers, and of course CD covers. After your initial consultation, we will get straight to work on getting the image you see in your head on the screen. If you already have some artwork, whether it be hand-drawn, digital, etc. we can make it come to life.

Drop us a line.